Beneath obvious

Don't tell me my labor is wasted
because you don't know what I do
I'm busy running the universe
adjusting every screw

I work below the surface
on planetary gears
making this world
seem less absurd
no matter what appears

In this shallow trench
with turn of wrench
I know what to expect
although you blench
my fear I quench
so show me some respect

Thanks to The Mag


Tess Kincaid said...

Nice write...wonderful message...I especially like your rhyming patterns here...

Brian Miller said...

nice...i tell you what who ever is turning the screws has a tough job for sure...i would not want it at all...smiles...nice verse....

Helen said...

Surreal and powerful all wrapped up in one great poem.

Other Mary said...

You mean without you the world would be MORE absurd? (just kidding) Strong rhyme and rhythm, nice job.

Asni / A Walk In My Heart said...

Very nicely done.

Kristen Haskell said...

Respect, yes show some respect, in all that you do. I love the message and your blog, too!

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