6:00 AM on a bird-loud morning, sun on the leaves, snails among the dew. A rustle of leaves, a rattle of activity two neighbours away.

Movement, change, impermanence.

I observe the day; I observe the observer, I observe the observation.

Lister Sinclair wrote "Hydrogen" in 1969, a history of the universe and the progress of science. More than thirty years later, I asked him whether in all his years of study he had seen evidence that would lead him to conclude that we live in a friendly universe. His reply was, "No, we live in an indifferent universe."

I think that, at the time, I was hoping for an affirmative response. Now, I concur and appreciate the wisdom.

The universe is not subject to my hopes and expectations, my projections and search for comfort. It is. It is sufficient. It is more than sufficient. It is a source of awe in whatever direction I turn.

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Driftwood & Turtles said...

The moment we begin to understand that we are not separate from the universe - that we are part of the universe - that we are the universe - is the moment the distinction between self and other begins to dissolve, and we begin to love.

Thanks for the coffee.

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