Reminder from Stephanie

On Monday night Stephanie offered a reminder during Virabhadrasana II.

The arms form a straight channel along which energy flows. They float effortlessly, the rear representing the past, the front representing the future. We do not see the past any longer but know that it is there. We look beyond the forward projecting hand because we cannot command the future. The arms float gently; we do not have control; we simply allow the energy to flow through.

The legs are the same. That which is behind, however it has grown, roots us solidly in the ground; it is our stability. The bent forward leg is coiled energy, potential. But the one place we have control is in the core, the centre, this present moment. Therein lies the strength, all that we know.

This is the warrior; this is power; this is now; all else is but illusion.


Driftwood & Turtles said...
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Driftwood & Turtles said...

Is this the Dutch version?

Anonymous said...

DCW - thank you! I am going to adopt that stance!

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