December 3 - LXI

Time for a reflection on the number 61, a prime number.

Using the alphabet code A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, ... , Z = 26: P + R + I + M + E = 61. Yes! I have the feeling that I am in the prime of my life . . . or what remains of my life is prime time.

Sixty-one is a centred square number, a centred hexagonal number and a centred decagonal number. I like being centred in any configuration.

Promethium (atomic number 61) is almost missing from our solar system, but it has been detected in the spectrum of a variable star in Andromeda. Only trace amounts can be found in naturally occurring ores on this planet: a sample of pitchblende has been found to contain promethium at a concentration of four parts per quintillion by mass. Sometimes one must either travel far to find all one's components or be appreciative of what resources one has.

In the tiny hamlet of Pinghan, nestled deep among a stand of limestone hills in a remote region of southwestern China, locals honor an old, national tradition of buying a coffin at the age of 61.
I think I'll skip this one.


Driftwood & Turtles said...

You'll always be 16 in my eyes!

c said...

Happy Birthday, Cosmic Fart!

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