Smiling, sincere, incorruptible -
His body disciplined and limber.
A man who had become what he could,
And was what he was--
Ready at any moment to gather everything
Into one simple sacrifice.

As a young man in my early twenties I was intrigued with and inspired by the work of Dag Hammarskjold.

A dear friend, Mary, gave me a copy of his book Markings. Although his Christian mysticism may not resonate with me now as it once did, I still consider the above quote to be one of the most elegant descriptions of manhood.

The lines have stayed with me for over 40 years and, although I may not always achieve the benchmark, it remains as magnetic north, a true and reliable basis for setting one's direction.

This post is inspired by Inspiration Wednesday from The Weaver of Grass.


Arija said...

A healthy mind in a healthy body, it fits him to a te. A great man to be inspired by.

Elizabeth said...

What a fine choice of person to be inspired by.
His death came too soon.
We need more people of his caliber in high places.
As regards the Imperial War Museum.....
as a pacifist from a very early age -
(a great deal of Sassoon poetry in my youth)
have come to the sad conclusion that wars are a part of human existence
however much we don't want them to be.

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