Reality bites - but gently

Confessions of a guy in his 60s that lived, thought and acted, until recently, as if he were 33.

A few weeks ago I
posted about a return of sciatica.

Now I am receiving expressions of concern from a specialist in orthopedics and may be facing something more than a temporary annoyance.

I have also finally faced the results of a hearing loss which probably started with industrial noise 40 years ago and has gradually worsened over the years.

I am slowing down to care for myself until a resolution is found to the back problem. On the way I have been the recipient of kindness.

Last week I acquired hearing aids and can now converse with K in a relaxed way without straining to catch the words, even in a car on the highway or in a crowded restaurant. I hear birdsongs in their entirety.

I suppose I could wish that things were different but, all in all, I'm a pretty lucky old geezer.

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