What is our crazy neighbour doing?

Dancing in the dark? Honouring the stars and planets?
Actually I was trying to get a picture of the bats that were swooping in front of me.
I was unsuccesful it seems.
Those little guys are speedy.


Lynne with an e said...

argh. You said the "B" word.

DCW said...

Dear L,

Where are your gothic sensibilities?

Traditionally they were a symbol of rebirth, emerging from the womb of the Earth as dusk fell to live once again. And what about learning to count with the Count on Sesame Street?

Unknown said...

We have a little bat living the umbrella of our patio set. I usually like him, but sometimes he scares me, when he flies around my head while I'm eating.

Driftwood & Turtles said...


Just bat your eyelashes at the little critter and you'll have a friend forever ~

babbler said...

Hello! I am surfing around the blogs from visitors to mine, it brought me to yours! I just had to comment because I made mention of a bat in one of my previous posts over at Adventures of Mr. Slug and Friends. I recently had a bat fly into my house and flap wildly around the living room for more than a half hour. My husband and I used umbrellas to flush him out the door safely. He was a very large and furry creature! I still feel excited just thinking about that night!
You have an excellent blog by the way. :)
Mrs. Slug

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