Did I miss something?

So Avatar is now the best selling movie in history.

The cinematography was great and visually it was a lot of fun to watch but the story-line seemed hackneyed and the underlying themes prepared for easy consumption.

Perhaps that's all that is required and entertainment free of challenge is what is sought. Recommended alternative viewing for a worthwhile story? Le dîner de cons and La promesse.

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babbler said...

Thanks for the movie review, I rarely get out to see any movies as I tend to check out books from the library - they last longer, are more engaging than just the visual and have a way of pairing perfectly with a spot of tea and a pair of old comfortable socks and a robe. I am sure Avatar is wonderful, I may see it in a few years when the local library gets the DVD! May you have a fun and prosperous business day, Love, Mrs. Slug

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