Happy Equinox

Picture taken yesterday by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.


Lynne with an e said...

Aaagghh! My eyes! Didn't your mother tell you that you're not supposed to look directly at the sun?!

I think you should have supplied some special sunglasses with this post; much like the 3D glasses the post offices were handing out with which the commoners could watch the queen's special tv show in 3D. They were not, however, handing out the necessary tellies.

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

Pretty damn good quote by Marcus Aurelius.
Had he been mugging up on the Dalai Lama or what?
And dear Thoreau and unreadable Emerson and dear Wordsworth.
Oh my........
I could just weep for wo/man's stupidity sometimes when so much was known so long ago......

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