The reach of social media

Although I obviously write a blog, being from the age of straight pens and inkwells, I must confess to being somewhat behind the times with Facebooking (Is that really a verb?) and texting. Any curmudgeonly criticisms about how ubiquitous these media are, however, are presently suspended.

My daughter has become interested in knowing more about the family tree and understanding something more of whence she came. In digging through the family archives to assist this research, I came across a postcard that my friend, Brendan, had sent to me in January 1960 at about which time we lost contact shortly after my move to Canada in 1957. We had both taken the village bus to school in the next town in the early to mid 1950s. "Hmm", I thought, "51 years ago, what are the chances?"

Lo and behold, after a short search Brendan and I made contact via Facebook. He is now teaching at a university in Germany. I look forward to renewing our acquaintance and, Facebook, I am impressed!


Anonymous said...

DCW - I was one of those Facebook cynics who thought, "This will never fly!" As you said, lo and behold...
It is a wonderful way to reconnect with people from our past, and to send quick, "Just thinking of you" messages. But like you, I will never sacrifice the pen or a telephone for a quick, abbreviated note.
Good luck to your daughter in her research. I hope that you will share some of her findings.

Driftwood & Turtles said...

Lucky find ~

Lynne with an e said...

Verrrrry intereshtink! I'm considering slapping my face up (so to speak) on Facebook. But I figure everyone I want to stay in touch with, I've stayed in touch with...hmmmm...am I forgetting anyone? That's lovely that you reconnected with a kindred spirit. No one else shares those memories with you; very special--so cool that connection was reconnected.

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