Je me souviens

Headed for le vieux Québec last Wednesday, taking the old highway along the Saint Lawrence which is a beautiful, peaceful and scenic drive. Although the weather was fine for most of the drive, Québec welcomed us with a thundershower.

But after that we were treated to four days of warm winds and sunshine. There were cool evenings to take a martini on the terrace above the Boardwalk, listening to an Italian tenor serenading the passers-by with Neapolitan love songs.

Les Québecois were friendly and welcoming and have a degree of tolerance that I hope might have an effect on Audrey.

The trip back was equally delightful with an opportunity to closely experience the mighty Saint Lawrence on a breezy day. The expanse of this river is awe-inspiring.

In a village along the banks of this river we encountered some very interesting characters, two of whom came home with us. A certain resemblance to persons known has been suggested???

What a wonderful trip!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! All I can say is:


I love the description of your evenings on the terrace, and, while we have never actually met, I have to agree about the resemblance between the souvenirs and certain vacationsers!

LOVE this post! DCW, you just made my day!

c said...

Ben, là... si proche de Montréal mais si loin?

Anonymous said...

P.S. While the "rabbit crossing sign," initially caused me some angst, I quickly came to terms that Quebec is 4 provinces over - nowhere near hopping distance to my home ;)

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