My life as a building

If I were a building what would I want to be?

For most of my adult life it probably would have been an imposing edifice with Doric columns from which great events to the benefit of humankind were enacted. I had always been told that unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.

More recently, however, youthful grandiosity has waned and the highway of the past has become more of a pilgrim's path in the present and I suspect that this will continue thus in the future.

The picture above of the 6th century hermit's chapel of St Govan found here speaks to me.  To be a simple place of ease where those passing may pause, reflect and depart refreshed on whatever path is theirs to follow. A pleasant enough purpose.

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Anonymous said...

Your "building" not only provides a place of reflection, but also much solace to those who are struggling. It is a safe place, a comforting place, where there is no presence of unkind judgement or negativity. Travellers who find themselves at the door of your building are treated to warmth, compassion and understanding. A pleasant enough purpose, indeed. Thank you for sharing your abode with all of us - we are grateful.

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