Who's there?

"Hello, who's there?
I heard the ringing
and stopped to hear the news you're bringing."
"No, I'm the only one who's here;
I've looked around, there's no one near.
On this flat and sandy ground
I see far.
No soul is found."
"I'm heading for the distant shore.
There's not much here.
I hope for more."
"Maybe your friend has also left
'cause staying here he felt bereft.
If we meet then I shall tell
you miss him still
and wish him well."
"All of us want love that's true.
Take good care.
My best to you."

Thanks to The Mag.


Brian Miller said...

we do all want love...and glad he took the time to talk to a stranger instead of just hanging up....

Berowne said...

A fine phone conversation; I had a similar idea...

Jinksy said...

Methinks you have a kind heart...willing to pass on the message!

Lucy Westenra said...

The sort of thing we'd all like to say when we come upon a phone in a booth ringing out. Nice Magpie.

Tess Kincaid said...

Lyrical! This would be nice set to music...

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