A day on the trail.

This wagon needs fixin' on the right side.

This wagon needs fixin' on the front end.

This wagon needs fixin' on the inside.
The heck with it!  I'll walk!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Is he ever getting big! And such an industrious/problem solving kind of young man. Such a joy to watch them discovering and learning. They are open to all kinds of things at that age. Great pics.

elizabeth said...

Tiny babies are a delight but the REAL fun sets in with conversation and communication.Such astounding joy to see young people discovering the world.
Quite cheers me up.

Your post about 'mass emotion' really struck me. Our wonderful headmistress used to warn against it --as well she might have done after what went on in the 1930's.
So imagine my horror at 'pep rallies' in the US!
When I was a teacher I wanted CO status.

Marinela said...

So cute pics, thanks for sharing with us. Enjoyed it :)

Have a great weekend

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