Cutting and cultivating.

Border between lawn and tangled growth.

Distinction between plants that I consider beautiful and those I define as weeds.

I attempt to have a diverse group of many different colours and shapes growing together - a haven for birds, bees and butterflies.

This week I rediscovered several beautiful, low-growing flowers that had been covered and choked out by vetch, goldenrod, ragweed and dock. These four are not unattractive or uninteresting in themselves but they expand, take over and allow no growth to any other.

Certain relationships are like that.

I admire tangled and dense growth from a distance but, up close, I prefer order and cohabitation that requires care and cultivation, tender shoots that disappear without loving attention. Simply because something happens naturally does not require my automatic acceptance. I choose that which is beautiful and nurturing to me and remove that which does not allow my delight.

Why is it so much easier to do this with plants than with relationships?

(Picture by Driftwood)


Unknown said...

Because we can't hear the plants cry.

DCW said...


DCW said...
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