In trichonasana the extended leg is the root which gives support to the opposite side in motion. Commencing this pose my outstretched limb trembles. Odd . . . but perhaps not.

As a runner, I have always been known for great strength in the legs. But it was a power which came from motion: running to the next hopefully better horizon, running from the disowned past, always further, ever faster.

Remaining motionless, grounded in the present takes a new strength.

Vrksasana comes next. A tree rooted, balanced flexibility, all movement graceful, coming from the source - the centre. I wobble - shaky body, shaky being.

A tree early uprooted by unfavourable conditions may sometimes find a new place, a different splendour, a different home. It can be a message.

Roots can be found on a beach leagues from their point of origin - new beauty, new belonging.

Driftwood. I should have known.

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Anonymous said...

DCW - I don't know what to say. This is a very powerful and thought provoking piece. The analogy that you use is really quite profound. I need to re-read this! Thank you for sharing it!

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