Then and now

I grew up in an age of Empire, engineering, structure, recent defeat of the Nazis, seemingly limitless peacetime possibilities. The bulwarks of those we considered evil had been destroyed and we celebrated.

But our own walls had been damaged too.

Looking through the holes and breaches, what we saw conditioned the feelings of elation.

The inside of the church, now more visible, showed superstition and abuse of authority lurking among the shadowed statues. Openings into schools made clear that constraint was applied to keep conditions the same, not explore alternatives. The doors of government, now more open, revealed a diminishing vision and purpose now that there was no outside force to oppose. Of course, we tried to manufacture enemies but that enterprise eventually bankrupts.

Despite its problems, I like the time in which we live. We are compelled to be more honest and steer clear of the secrets and lies of yesteryear. Privilege and wrongdoing still exist but, when revealed, are recognized as such.

For one who came to depend on structure imposed from without, living based on that which grows within is sometimes confusing. Directional signals are sometimes mixed, sometimes missed.

But, all in all, I am happy. I can adapt.

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