What foods these morsels be!

The last meal of fresh fiddleheads for this season.

For those friends unfamiliar with this Atlantic Canadian culinary tradition,
after our harsh winter the snows melt, the spring freshet arrives and the rivers overflow their banks.

When the water recedes thousands of ferns are among the first to reach to the sun from the sodden land. Their shoots, called fiddleheads due to their distinctive shape, are collected, cleaned and boiled, and served with butter, lemon juice or vinegar according to taste.

A flavour not to be forgotten!

I am preparing this batch from those given to me by a friend from a First nations community.

Thank you, GN.


Anonymous said...

I have only had fiddleheads once - I didn't know their origin. But I remember thinking them very delicious! Great picture!

Lynne with an e said...

Oh yes, I do enjoy a good feed of this river spawn!

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