What's the secular equivalent of "Amen"?

A thoughtful article.


Anonymous said...

I haven't the least idea
maybe it doesn't exist?

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which sounds most unsuitable and DH Lawrence-ish

babbler said...

Dear FCW,
Thank you for your fun and very inventive poem regarding slugs and rest stops on the road, I was very pleased to read it, which I have done over and over again! My slug friends and I have recently returned from our travels, it is nice to be back, "under the leaf," as it were.
I have been pondering this question of the secular equivalent of "Amen," and I have concluded that my interpretation shall be from a very early time in the history of man, when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

"A Terradactyl was chewing on some leafy greens when he suddenly heard a noise in the trees. There was a pair of apes swinging from a vine above. The creature took a moment to chew once more and clear his throat before he uttered the words, "Ahhhhh, Men."

With that, I wish you a pleasant and profitable day ahead.

your word verification is:


which sounds quite suitable indeed.

Warm and slimy regards,
Mrs. Slug

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