Happy Birthday, Buster

Those who have come to consider pet posts on the web as necessarily mundane and tedious might get a boost from checking My Life by Buster.

Buster's daily adventures are portrayed with the fortunate assistance of a family member who happens to be a children's author.

I have started many a morning with a quick visit to this fine canine gentleman and wish him many more birthdays, a long and happy life to share with his friends in NYC and those of us further afield.


Elizabeth said...

You are very kind.
Buster's blog sort of started out for our daughter who lives in London and now has a small following of animal lovers.
Buster is currently eating a marrow bone from the butchers.
We went to order our Christmas turkey and met a friend who insisted on buying him a b'day present!
I'm only sad he rarely gets to the countryside...
Do hope your weather isn't as hideously cold as ours is. Nearly expired at the dog park by the Hudson in bitter wind.

DCW said...

Elizabeth & Buster,

A birthday gift of a fur coat would have been in order for walks in this neighbourhood today. Presently in the early afternoon it is 6 F with a wind chill of -8 F.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Buster!! I LOVE reading his blog.

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