A very good weekend

Saturday started well, being the birthday of Driftwood & Turtles.

The birthday activities included bringing home the Christmas tree.

The tree was then lovingly decorated. There seems to be a natural affinity between Driftwood and pine.

To the amazement and joy of most onlookers . . .

. . . but to the puzzlement of Maddie.

On Sunday morning the tree looked out on our first significant snowfall of the year.

Later in the morning we rescued a stray dog lost in the snow. He rested on the verandah until we located his owner who happily came to retrieve Willy. What do you think of that, Buster?

All in all a great weekend and we still have Sunday afternoon and evening to explore!


Lynne with an e said...

Please pass along my felicitations to Driftwood--for her birthday celebration and her talent for tree decorating. That is one gorgeous Christmas tree!

Happy to see someone cheery about the first snowfall. Party on!

Unknown said...

Too bad I wasn't around to partake!! Booo!!

c said...

I wish I had come to retrieve Willy!

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