Coast Mountains

A rapid business trip last week to my former province of residence, British Columbia, reminded me how beautiful it is. I love flying over (or driving through) the Coast Mountains.


c said...


Lynne with an e said...

I never sit by the window seat on a plane any more so miss the spectacular mountain viewery. But every time I return to Vancouver, I'm blown away by my first sight of the mountains.

babbler said...

Fabulous post! I hope to have such wonderful visibility when we slugs fly through the air toward our former home of Los Angeles this weekend. (We now live on the Central Oregon Coast near Newport) We are able to view Yosemite National Park from the plane every time we fly to LA, which is about 3 times a year. There is nothing better than snow capped mountains from an airplane window! Portland PDX Airport is always fun to fly out of due to the views of the Columbia River and Mt. St Helens.
Mrs. Slug

Anonymous said...

Spectacular shots!

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