Solar is the tenth McEwan novel that I have read and this, like the others, does not disappoint.

Although a little less compelling than The Innocent, Atonement, The Cement Garden and Enduring Love which I could not put down, it is a readable tapestry woven of drama, science and humour - sometimes wry and dark, sometimes almost slapstick.

The story is that of a brilliant prodigy, Michael Beard, who becomes mentally lazy and rests on his laurels during his career. He is faithless in relationships and self-absorbed in all his activities. McEwans's skilled writing, however, has the reader following his path with a certain sympathy. At least I hope it is sympathy and not empathy due to my identifying with some of Beard's characteristics!

Two particularly dishonest choices serve as the nexus for events that combine to undermine Beard's too-late attemps at rehabilitation as a patron of clean energy.

A great story and probably grist for the movie mill. After Atonement and Enduring Love, I'll be in line for a ticket.

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Lynne with an e said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I've only read a couple of McEwans (thanks to Cléa)thus far.

I'm presently reading Douglas Coupland's "Eleanor Rigby", which is a bit disappointing and lacking in his usual quirky wit, but it's fun to recognize all his N.Van. references.

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