MAYBE, the dog who jumped from the third floor balcony, expressed his name and nature in every move.

MAYBE he would survive his exuberance, his leaps from impossible heights, his bounds through traffic.

MAYBE not.

MAYBE he was the sire of his mate's puppies.

MAYBE not.

In MAYBE existed only one certainty: life must be lived to the fullest at every second; consequences be damned!

MAYBE is not such a bad word. Conventional wisdom condemns its weakness because, after all, certainty is strength, is it not?


This word holds in itself strong possibilities. MAYBE can refer to a mind in a resting state between decisions.

MAYBE it will take a risk.

MAYBE the possibilities are infinite.

Who would have believed that a dog could survive such a jump?

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Driftwood & Turtles said...

Maybe, one day, I'll have a dog just like Maybe. One can only hope!

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