Earl comes to visit

Earl visited today but by the time he made it this far north he didn't have quite as much energy as he had earlier. Being a tropical fellow, he decided that he didn't like our neighborhood anyway and moved on hastily. He tried to dampen our spirits but, after a week of record breaking high temperatures, his cooling effect was welcomed.


Lynne with an e said...

Edgar? They called him Earl in these parts. And he had the nerve to turn around and come back to knock out our lights once he'd already passed wind here! After having congratulated myself on getting through the "storm" without mishap, ended up spending a cozy candlelit evening with my iPod and knitting, then gazing in wonder at the gadzillions of stars visible in the sky without interference from lights shining from below. I must admit, it was a treat to be forecefully weend from the computer. At least for awhile.

WV: mistor
As in, "they call him Mistor Earl"

babbler said...

Ahh yes, a bit of lovely moisture from your visiting gentlestorm to soften the parched mantle...I love the feeling of raindrops sliding upon an outstretched optical tentacle as I slide amongst the wet leaves in search of a tasty and succulent new shoot of grass or perhaps a fresh and dewy rosepetal...It's what's for dinner!
Mrs. Slug and the Mister send our love!

DCW said...


Thank you for noting the misnomer. I hope he wasn't offended.

DCW said...


Thanks to the Slug Family for leaving their silver tracks on the blog.

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