Freedom of speech, as any other freedom, is a fruit of a mature democracy to be balanced (often a difficult endeavour) with all other rights enjoyed in a just society. That freedom being employed to incite hatred against an identifiable group is surely a symptom that calls for some corrective measure to be undertaken by right-minded citizens.

This individual might reflect on the words of his fellow countryman, Mark Twain:

"The easy confidence with which I know that another man's religion is folly teaches me to suspect that my own is also."

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Elizabeth said...

God, or gosh or whatever---
I was spitting mad at this horrible puffed-up grandstanding moron.

Always suspect anyone who insists that God/god is talking to him/her.
When I was 12 my father took me to see
"Inherit the Wind" ( pouring with rain in Cornwall I suspect).
I was VERY impressed indeed.
Still think it is an excellent movie.

ps lots of my friends are Muslims
also Jews
even 'Catholics' (said in rather sotto voce tone by my dear departed mother!!!)

Best way to get rid of religious nuts who want to talk to you ---say of course I'd like to hear all about their religion --but first have they a couple of minutes to hear about yours.......?
Works like a charm.

loved the comment about the ravens.
The two young women who cook the dog food are very earnest and rather sweet. Buster will eat anything---he is not a discriminating diner!

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