All new fathers should be given a starry cape to remind them that they have become sorcerers and that this is not a power to be lightly abdicated. Theirs is the duty to draw the wide-eyed apprentice rising and soaring as daily events flash behind in explosions of whimsy. With a word they are to transform themselves into that door in the everyday wall which leads to a garden of delights. Master and pupil will laugh together at the fanged monsters whose weapons will be changed into ivory baubles. Spells will be chanted and their alchemy will turn dross into jewels. One by one the stars tumble from the cape, shattering into sparkling visions. When all have fallen, the sorcerer discovers the greatest magic: his cape stays forever warm.

A thought to be shared with two gentlemen of my acquaintance who are soon to enter a new role and who will, I am certain, perform it admirably.

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Brian Miller said...

smiles...this is wonderfull...thanks for sharing it...i def do not take it lightly...the stories we tell have lasting impact on little ears...

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