Reality check

OK. I know that our fall has been unusually mild . . . but roses blooming above the roofline on November 12th?


Anonymous said...

It is so hard to believe that this is Novemember. The photo that you posted is so beautiful! The delay of winter that we are experiencing country wide is not only gifting us with warmer temperatures than normal, it is also bestowing upon us the beauty of natures flowers - what a joy!

Great story that you posted on my blog. You had me smiling and saying, "Ahhhh!" all at the same time. A wonderful way to start my day - thank you!

Lynne with an e said...

Is the east coast becoming the new west coast?

elizabeth said...

What a joyful thing to see.
Still no frost here in NY.

I remember seeing a rose covered in frost in DECEMBER.
It was at night walking outside during some concert or other at school.
I was wildly impressed (remember it after forty years)
struck me as miraculous.

Dad used to prune like mad (not likely to happen in our own garden!)

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