What's in a name?

A recent typo by a friend referring to my grandparental status had her hit "u" instead of "a" on her Blackberry thereby changing the reference to Grumpy.
Interestingly, the error received almost unanimous agreement from those who know me as being an innocent and inadvertent truism.


Anonymous said...

How funny and interesting that the changing of one letter in a word completely alters the meaning of the word! I am confident that your friend did not engage in Freudian slippage in any way - your friend was simply so excited by your new status that his/her fingers were flying too quickly over the keypad!

elizabeth said...

Well, much joy though little HJ brings me, after an entire day at his beck and call, and with the over vigilance required supervising a walking babbling maniac, I am very GRUMPY indeed.
I'm sure you are usually SMILEY

ho ho ho

your word verification is:

that is apt I think

Merry Christmas, Grandpa

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