Elizabeth's note on the last post reminded me of a wonderful artist who was a member of a New York guild of scribes and from whom I took some lessons in calligraphy many years ago.
I wrote this for the brochure of one of his expositions:
_________ Keith's Studio
Walking into the studio I become aware of a pattern
___which lies just beyond my comprehension.
Objects stand randomly poised, briefly unmoving,
___awaiting the next creative touch.
This single act will change one item significantly
___but the effect will be felt by all the inhabitants
_____of that room.
Thus it is with us as we stand apparently motionless
___in this fictional present.
The touches come, dark and light, firm and gentle . . .
___and whichever one receives,
_____by receiving
_______gives to others.

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Anonymous said...

DCW - I need you to ghost-write my blog for me! You create artwork with your words. Very poetic. I like it.

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