The film "While I Live" was released the year after I was born.
I have never seen it and believe that it did not receive wide distribution due to poor reviews. The theme song, "Dream of Olwen", which forms a central role in the plot, however, was very popular at the time and is one of my earliest persisting musical memories.
I do not recall what the childhood emotional association was but I am still moved to tears every time I hear this haunting theme.
It was chosen more recently by Mao Asada for this performance, - beauty in sound and form.


Anonymous said...


Elizabeth said...

Yes, never heard of the film at all.
Do recognize the music.
But what a skater!
What grace and brilliance.
Hope the new grandson thrives and is wonderful.
19'f here this am.
Am going to wimp out and not go to the dog park.....

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