What do you think about old-fashioned graces?

The debate over salutations. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Interesting debate! For me, I think that it depends on how familiar I am with the person to whom I am writing. If I don't know the person and it is a business letter - I am old fashioned! I like the structure and respectability of the old-fashioned graces! For close friends - I am okay with the "Hey's" and the abbreviations. DCW, great post. I need to think some more on this one.

elizabeth schmid said...

Well, I think beautiful handwriting is a delight.
My daughter did a calligraphy course recently and loved it.
As an ex- English teacher, I'm oddly casual about grammar and spelling etc etc and I get a kick out of text speech
as in C U L8r.......

I like formality too, whem called for

So long as kids can write clearly when called upon.
Since when did respectable gentlemen stop being Esq's and lady lawyers become so?
Greetings from far too chilly NY....am about the freeze to death outside with the dog....

Elizabeth said...

pity I can't spell see error above

Short Poems said...

Interesting post DCW, I like beautiful handwriting a lot :)

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