Chilean Beatitudes

Blessed are the poor.....
Not the penniless, but those whose heart is free.
Blessed are those who mourn....
Not those who whimper, but those who raise their voices
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice....
Not those who whine, but those who struggle
Blessed are the merciful.....
Not those who forget, but those who forgive
Blessed are the pure in heart......
Not those who act like Angels, but those whose lives are transparent
Blessed are the peacemakers.....
Not those who shun conflict but those who face it squarely
Blessed are those who are persecuted for Justice....
Not because they suffer, but because they love.

I came across these taken from a "World women's day of prayer" in England last week and quoted by Rev. Martin Jacques of Saint Mary's Church at Barnard Castle.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely. As I read through them I could not help but think of all that is going on in our sad, tragic world. Wishing peace on earth for everyone.

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