Dear lovers of dogs and open cars

Returning from a couple of days away for both meetings and R & R, we were following a convertible on an old highway. The owner and her canine companion seemed to be having a lovely time on the sunny breezy day but we were concered by the enthusiasm of the pup which did not appear to be secured. As we reached a town limit, I slowed concerned that doggie would lose balance and come over the trunk hood. I did not want to hit her if this happened.

Almost immediately our fears were realized as she lost her balance. She had been tethered, however, with a somewhat long chain so she fell attached and was dragged along the shoulder of the highway.

We stopped to assist along with a couple of other motorists and got the pup wrapped and secured for transportation to a vet hospital. Despite a broken leg, grazing and a serious shaking, she will probably recover. But it could have been worse.

Let's encourage our friends with pets to be careful. Those harnasses are probably s little expensive but, given the alternative, a good investment.


Lynne with an e said...

Oh, that's rather grim and sad, but thank goodness you were there to rescue the poor, hapless pooch. I imagine if before the incident you'd have tried to reason with the driver you would have been rebuffed. And what about people that ride around on their 4-wheelers holding their small child on their lap?! The mind boggles.

WV: scory
Combined form of scary and sorry, which describes the situation described in this post

Driftwood & Turtles said...

Mike was a tremendous help to the dog and his/her owner. Job well done!

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