Solar Sensitivity

Said ol’ Sol from sky direction

“I got troubles with complexion.
Really tough to look real hot
When your face has a great big spot.
So if you folks are really caring
Turn your heads and quit your staring.
Otherwise I’ll hide again;
Four more months of cloud and rain.”


Lynne with an e said...

Are you doing trick photography with an orange and a candle flame?
I am revelling in the late arrival of Old Sol that we are having. Morning coffee, seated out on the decrepit wicker with a good book in hand. This is the good life.

DCW said...


No tricks with my old fame. This is for real.


DCW said...

OOps! Should say "my old flame".

A Freudian slip by my overactive ego??

Anonymous said...

The confidence of ol' Sol
Is seriously shaking
But all we are asking is
More months for baking
Our skin in the warmth
of his loving embrace -

Perhaps some Clearasil
Would heal his face?

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