I told them I didn't want a big stone
silly waste of money
I wanted them to just remember
as long as they themselves lasted
to say, "She was nice to me
when I was little . . . "
"Remember her brownies?"
"I'll never forget the time that . . . "
"Even when we were poor she . . . "
But no . . .
big lonely rock
unvisited by anyone
except strangers like you
who ponder what I was like

Inspired by Magpie Tales


JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

that was sad... i think this take goes with what i have... Nice one!


Brian Miller said...

smiles. i would rather be remembered in warm memories than cold stone myself...nice...

Unspoken said...

Hmm, I wonder how often the stone is an attempt to make up for what wasn't counted. We never can be sure of what it will be that counts after we are gone.

Roy Schulze said...

This hit home. Well done. My Magpie this week is A Plot Both Great and Grand.

Helen said...

Brian said it well ... warm, fuzzy memories are what I'm hoping for. No headstone necessary.

Kathy Bischoping said...

I dunno. I like how those big rocks eventually crumble. Inspiring poety along the way.

Isabel Doyle said...

perceptive - and so true
nice piece

Anonymous said...

This resonated with me. I am very clear in that I do not wish to have a funeral plot, but that I be buried in the memories of those whose path I have crossed. Well done, DCW!

Tess Kincaid said...

Ah, yes...the brownies!

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Ah sad - but I sense this is the fate of us all.

Anna :o]

short poems said...

Beautifully done, sad but so true!

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