rooted in religion
watered by acquisition
fed by consumption
flowering in diversion

old ambitions
new desires

teeming metropolis
everyone tells me I should 
avoid you 
find you ugly


you are beautiful
 in my eyes


your voice 
 calls me
to you


I  hearken


await the day

Thank you to Magpie Tales


Anonymous said...

DCW - That is for sure one of my favorite poems that you have written! Perhaps that constant nagging is urging you to respond by visiting that which persists calling to you. There is a reason - who knows what you will discover when you get there?

Friko said...

DCW - like you I love the city although I live in the deepest countryside, away from any and all fleshpots.

Your poem speaks to me and I feel I could pack up tomorrow and go back to the grime.

I was tempted to add myself to your followers, but then I saw that you don't seem to care much about it.

Brian Miller said...

she calls me often...live much more rural but make my way to the city steadily...lived there once and miss it...look forward to going back to NYC this year...

Unknown said...

This is intense, stark and open. I appreciate the different perspective you took and the concise construction used to convey the message. Nice write.

Lyn said...

Worth the trip! You CAN make it here!! Poem is so full of energy.

Tess Kincaid said...

Nice juxtaposition here...city vs religion...

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