Ah yes
the gasps and sighs of strangers
sitting safe while watching dangers
heros high
perhaps a fall
adventures large
for viewers small
with nothing to talk about at all

Ah no
I only get the laughs
from those who think they make no gaffes
frequent lows
insults and taunts
funny falls
their stature grows
better than me as each one knows

But those
above upon the wire
beyond a point can get no higher
lose their youth
leave the tent
gasps will cease
I have the proof
seeking solace is the truth

I'll live longer
than those greater
my foolishness
a vindicator

Thanks to The Mag


Helen said...

Last stanza packs a punch - says it all! Very nice.

Brian Miller said...

seeking solace is the truth....and then your last stanza for sure is right on....nice cadence in this one...

Tess Kincaid said...

I'm going to be pondering "my foolishness a vindicator" the rest of the afternoon...

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