You were a lover of trees.  Your many pictures showed trees strong, enduring and beautiful reaching for the sky. They represented some of your feelings and approaches to life.

I see another tree of life for you, one which, while humble, is heavily laden with fruit.  Some of the recent strong winds have shaken many loose and those of us who had the bounty of sharing with you have gathered our bushels. Of the numerous fruit that you have shared, the one that comes most to mind this morning is gratitude.

You were always so thankful for everything that life brought your way.  For the gentle breezes that stirred, for the gales that agitated, for the sun that energized, for the rain that refreshed.

Gratitude is not only a positive for ourselves; it is a gift to others. I was warmed by your expressions of appreciation for the thoughts and pictures we shared and the intervals of nonsense that gave a chuckle. Knowing that I made a difference, however small, meant a lot to me.  I hope you knew that you too made a difference, to me and I suspect to countless others.

When you were here you looked up at particularly beautiful trees.  I hope now you can look down on a whole orchard.  Your fruit has rooted and there will be future harvests that will have you as part of them.

Each season you will be remembered.

Thank you to Audrey's family who have remembered her distant friends at this sad time. Widely spaced, we are with you in spirit.

With warm and caring thoughts,

Mike (AKA DCW)


Bernie said...

Beautiful dear DCW, very beautiful. How kind and thoughtful of you. Hope you are doing okay and that you are surrounded by family and friends as we say good bye to another wonderful friend. Sending big hugs.....:(

Unknown said...

I agree with Bernie, that was a gorgeous farewell. It's really such a beautiful thing to see how deeply one person can affect the lives of so many others. She was a great person indeed and will be missed greatly.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear DCW,

Yes, a wonderful tribute, to a very dear and wonderful friend.

Audrey's light will indeed shine on, and may we feel it peeking through the tree-tops.

Hear her with your heart. Feel her with your soul.

Thank you DCW, and may your Angels watch over you.

With love and hugs,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting such a nice tribute to my aunt. Shelly

Huong said...

Audrey would have loved this wonderfully written analogy of ones of her favorite subjects! Thanks for sharing - Huong

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