Taking the wind from my sails

Although it was at some time inevitable, Audrey's post yesterday took the wind from my sails.  It rekindled my often surprised appreciation of how much we can come to know and care for someone that we have never met in person.

Shared insights and laughs are treasured because Audrey is thoughtful, creative, loving and funny.

She quotes the wisdom of Ecclesiastes which we must accept but don't we always wish that the warm summer or the colourful fall would last just a little longer?

But we have her own perspectives that she has shared over time, like quoting the story of the Mayfly in May 2010.

I think of her friends and relatives because, if we who knew her at a distance are affected, how much more her closest people?


Bernie said...

I love that you have chosen to blog about Audrey before she passes, so many wait. This way she knows just how much her friendship mean to you. I live close by but have chosen to allow those closest to her share her remaining time. I have enjoyed your comments to Audrey over the years, so from me and I am sure Audrey would agree, thank you for being her friend. Big Hugs always.....

Anonymous said...

Dear DCW and Bernie,

I just got home from visiting Audrey, and in true Audrey spirit, she is remaining positive. I always tease her, that she's like The Energizer Bunny; she just keeps going, and going and going!!

DCW, one of the things Audrey asked me tonight, was if I had seen the comment you posted on her blog today. She said, "That was SO nice of him!!"

DCW and Bernie, I know that Audrey loves you both very much. She and I have often commented how we really love DCW's quick wit and Bernie's compassion. I don't think she'd mind me sharing that with you both.

DCW, I'm not very good with computers, and don't know how to move stuff, and copy and paste, so I was wondering if you might be able to help me out with something??

I know that one of Audrey's most favourite songs is Louis Armstrong's, "What a Wonderful World". One of my most favourite songs is Nana Mouskouri's, "Only Love". Do you think that perhaps you could post these two songs onto Audrey's blog, so that we may all be reminded of the beautiful messages each of these songs has to offer us?? I would be most grateful if you could figure out how to do that for me.

Audrey will always be a part of all of us.

DCW and Bernie, God bless you both, and may your Angels watch over you.
Thank you for being such wonderful friends to my Sweet Audrey. She is a very, very dear friend, and I love her to the moon and back.

With love and in friendship,


Short poems said...

:( :(

Elizabeth said...

A sad moment to visit.
Yes, we do make real friends through blogging.
I had a super friend Tessa Edwards (of Aeriel Armadillo) who sent me a book about Landscape in English writing when she knew she was dying.
Still have it.
Still miss her. Her grandsons are Henry AND James.
A wake up call to take joy in what we have.
Happy weekend.

Lynne with an e said...

I got to know Audrey through her comments on your blog. It was a privilege and joy to find her and I loved being able to share some of her favourite sights from Vancouver and "hear" her reactions when she visited my blog. It was a short time I got to spend in her company, but it was always a delight. Audrey is an inspiration.

Bernie said...

Rosie, thank you for your kind words. Audrey is with me every day in my heart and mind, and I pray that she is not suffering. I have also enjoyed your comments on Audrey's post, you always make me smile and I feel Audrey is so blessed to have you as such a good friend. I wasn't able to listen to DCW's posted songs, they made me cry but I will soon.
Sorry DCW for using your blog to speak to Rosie but I have no way of reaching her. Take care my cyber friends.....:-)Hugs

DCW said...


No apology necessary. I can think of few better uses.

Bernie said...

DCW, fried clams sounds so east coast.....which hopefully is where I am headed soon. I have my condo up for sale as I want to move back home (Moncton, NB) Fried clams are one of the first things I eat when home. Hope you are doing well..Hugs

DCW said...

I have family in Moncton and visit ofen.

Let us know when you return and we'll do justice to local seafood.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning DCW, Bernie and those of you who follow Audrey's blog!!

I am going to give Audrey a call later on this morning, to see if she is feeling up to a short visit from me.

If she is, then I'll let you know how she is doing. Otherwise, I'll be waiting for an undate from her family as well.

I visited Moncton as a teenager, many years ago, and loved it!! GOOD people from the Maritimes, that is absolutely for sure!! :):)

Have a gloriously groovy day my friends, and thank you so very much for your continued support for our Sweet Audrey!! She appreciates it very, very much!!

So-long for now. May your Angels watch over you.

With love and hugs,

Rosie XOXO :):)

Anonymous said...

Dear DCW,

Our Sweet Audrey peacefully passed away this morning, July 23rd, at 9:38AM. Her family has posted her final message to us all, on her blog.

While my heart is breaking, I am able to smile through my tears, as I am so extremely blessed and grateful to have had her in my life, if not even for six years.

DCW, Audrey always spoke very highly of you. She and I both appreciated your quick wit and humour; you always made us laugh!!

Audrey will be forever grateful to all of her blogging friends. She really appreciated all of the care and concern, and love and support, that you all extended to her so freely.

While I will miss her dearly, I will carry her messages and words of wisdom with me, always.

Nightie-night DCW, God bless and may your Angels watch over you.

With love and in friendship,


Bernie said...

DCW, thank you. I popped in to let you know I am thinking of you and hope you are okay. I knew this was coming but it still hurts a.lot.
Take care and please keep in touch okay. Big Hugs.....:(

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