What we have gained - what have we lost?

This is the success we came for
  seen in the clothes we wear
   the bags
    the shoes
     the glasses
      the smokes and the hats and hair

But not in the eyes
  the heart has cost

What we have gained
   what have we lost?

  Gornisht helfn 

Thanks to The Mag


Anonymous said...

That certain amount of loss may have defined success. An appropriately concise verbal snapshot of these two.

Trellissimo said...

Hmm..cynical but true.

Lynne with an e said...

The Yiddish phrase at the end (which I had to look up) adds a whole backstory and mind-reeling depth to the deceptively simple lines.

Berowne said...

Clever and entertaining response to the prompt...

~T~ said...

Oooh...well-written and thought-provoking!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow very powerful and often true people don't always have the best priorities

Tess Kincaid said...

Wise words...

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