Best breakfast in Beantown

The wonders that one discovers by chance.

After having a brew one evening at a Boston tavern that had been around for about 145 years and being impressed with the atmosphere of such long-standing locations, we asked for a suggestion of where to have breakfast the following morning.

In the AM it became obvious that in giving and receiving of directions something was lost in translation. After wandering into a primarily commercial area, we decided to backtrack through some old neighborhoods, treed, cobbled and narrow.  On a corner we came across this tiny little sandwich shop with a kitchen that would have been crowded for one, inhabited by three or four cooks.  Not only did we get a fabulous breakfast to eat in the shade of a local park (see below) but the owner gave us a generously complete history of the once tough and notorious little community. It seems quite tranquil now.

Of course, one often has a feeling of being watched despite the peaceful surroundings.

If you're in Boston I suggest you not leave it to chance like we did but actively search out this little gem.  Corner of Church and Fayette.


Maureen said...

Looks like you both had a great time! <3

Lynne with an e said...

Gotta watch out for weird characters in these off-the-beaten tourist track areas. Oh...perhaps "beaten" and "tourist" shouldn't be combined in the same sentence. Sounds like a fun trip with many serendipitous discoveries.

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