Beneath the surface cast in stone
rock surrounded 
all alone 

Breath escapes not undetected 
signs of life 
where least suspected

Light above and open air 
my eyes are closed 
why should I care? 

They'll likely leave me with the others 
marble sisters 
granite brothers 

Oddities for rare remark 
not daily view
in grassy park 

Our signs of life are but a semblance
and you fear 
a close remembrance 

Here below away from land 
you cannot breathe
 while trapped in sand 

And yet an exile from the shore 
my breath continues 

Thank you to the Mag


Claudia said...

nice...there's a great flow to this..and so much beneath the surface..i like that you gave them a voice..

Anonymous said...

Hauntingly beautiful. It brings to mind a ship wreck - once loved individuals and objects that, with time, have become fleeting thoughts rather than remembrances of future generations.

Other Mary said...

Nicely done rhyme and meter. This is a haunting piece. I particularly like, 'signs of life where least suspected' Isn't it often that way?

Kay said...

very beautifully written..x

Brian Miller said...

really a nice cadence to this...def haunting is a great word for this...in exile...under water yet still breathing evermore...

Pappy said...

Very well done. Please continue.

Trellissimo said...

An interesting and thoughtful take on the prompt. And the easy rhythm and rhyme a welcome change from the masses of unrhythmic, unrhymed imitation 'free verse'

Susan Anderson said...

I like the rhythm and seamless rhymes of this poem.


Helen said...

Yes, yes the ebb and flow of your poem are magic!

Short Poems said...

Beautiful thoughts expressed through a lovely rhyme.

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