I am looking 
are you there? 
Out here is sunlit 
bright breeze
I can see forever 

Down there is shadowed 
dark stillness

Why do you not come out? 
Why must I enter 
where we cannot really see each other? 

Why am I even searching?

Thanks to The Mag


Brian Miller said...

sometimes we have to go into the darkness to bring the light eh? smiles...

rel said...

Searching, its what we do.

Gail said...

Good job!!!

Thanks for stopping by...I was surprised by my ending, too.

Helen said...

Sounds hopeless .. not giving up is the solution. Very nice!

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

I guess we just stop searching when we no longer breath... Nice post!.


Unknown said...

Your poem is a curiosity, pandora's box sort of thing..... who is lurking in the shadows? I enjoyed the contrasts between lightness and darkness. Thank you for sharing this.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

We must search for it is who we are. Fine Mag!

Anna :o]

Susan Anderson said...

Because we can't stop ourselves?

Nicely done.


Short poems said...

Great job!
"Why must I enter where we cannot really see each other?" BEAUTIFUL!

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