A good read

I've just finished this novel about characters in this great city over a span of almost 350 years. To be able to use members of families to build a structure for this lovingly constructed history while keeping the individuals believable is an admirable skill.
I seldom embark upon books of over 800 pages but this one left me with no regrets.


Elizabeth said...

Sounds ambitious. My reading has not flourished of late.
However, an excellent rather long book that I loved was Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
about building a cathedral in England.
I know he usually writes thrillers but this was well researched.
Re Chelsea Hotel.
It is rather wonderful, but a little spooky.
I really like Leonard Cohen.

Elizabeth said...

Oh , and I'm so glad you have taken up DANCING....

DCW said...

Instead of . . . ?

Lynne with an e said...

Thanks for the recommendation! 800 pages you say? I will be able to work on my biceps while having a good read.

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