Somebody check the calendar.

December in this region is more often like this previous post with snow and sub-zero temperatures. Yesterday was 13 degrees celsius, high wind and a rainfall of almost 7 inches in some places. The river is the same height as during spring runoff and we are missing a few roads.
What's going on?


Lynne with an e said...
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Lynne with an e said...

oops. looks like my comment got washed out. As I was saying...

Maybe the east coast is becoming the new west coast? You won't hear me complaining about this phenomenon!

WV: debadd
With weather, as with most events in life, you have to take the debadd with degoodd.

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of water! Such strange weather patterns we are experiencing! Global warming at its best. Stay dry.

Elizabeth said...

This look pretty brutal weather.
I suppose one has to get used to it in Northern climes.
When we sometimes went to Jamaica in the winters we always found it full of CANADIANS!!!!! I wonder why?
Merry Christmas to you and you family and special blessings to the new little one.

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