A man fell over a cliff and, half way down, managed to grab hold of a shrub and break his fall. Dangling precariously, he looked first up, then down, and realized that if he was going to survive he would need a miracle. Lifting his eyes to the heavens, he shouted, 'Is there anybody up there?'

To his amazement, a voice inside his head whispered, 'Yes, I am up here.'

'I need help!' he screeched.

'Put your foot on the tiny toehold, reach your hand to the jutting rock, let go of the shrub, and inch by inch I will stay with you all the way to the bottom of the cliff.'

Terrified at the prospect, the man pleaded, 'I was thinking of something more miraculous.'

'That's not the deal on offer,' came the voice. 'But if you trust me, I won't leave you at any moment until the very end.'

There was a long, thoughtful silence. And then the man called out, 'Is there anybody else up there?'


Anonymous said...

Oh my stars DCW - that is the FUNNIEST thing that I have read in a long time! I love it. So many lessons in one wee joke!

Now - don't you have some files to tear up?
Have a good day. And thank you for the laugh.

Elizabeth said...

I may be utterly jet-lagged and out of it (true!), but I am too stupid to get the joke....or maybe I do?
How horrid to be half way up a cliff in the first place.
Is it a case of heaven help us?

Anyway, your new quote is splendid.

I think I have given up traveling for a bit --after a 9 hours transatlantic crossing in a plane which still had ash-trays in it..etc etc and did not go over 450km per hour.....
am amazingly glad to be home

Lynne with an e said...

Thought-provoking and comical at the same time. It's making my head hurt a bit.

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