Dear Remington,

It has been a while but you are still looking good.

I have become used to having words flow faster in recent years although yours seem truer; they are not so easily changeable. When I communicate through you no images shoot at me; the pictures form in my imagination; they are the advent of the words and crystallize before my fingers transpose them to the page.

Because you will not let me withdraw my words as easily as my newer writing friends, I choose more carefully, savour before serving.

You do not have a limitless memory so I must rely on mine. You do not have instant access to the rest of the world so it’s just you and me.

For old times’ sake shall we write a story?



Inspired by Magpie Tales.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Great post! I learned to type (quite well, if I do say so myself) on a typewriter, and I share with you a respect for the machine. You are absolutely right - the typewriter did not make allowances for writing without some forethought. It demanded that the writer committed wholeheartedly to his/her project, or risk having to start all over again. It forced us to research the correct spelling of words, and left it to us to be embarrassed by careless mistakes. I bow to the Remington.

And DCW - looking forward to that story you are planning to write! Have a good weekend, fellow respecter of things that were.

sweet pea. said...

very lovely


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