Red Spot

I look and look but cannot see
You're quite a mystery to me.
Is that a heart or is it liver?
Are those arrows; is that a quiver?
Is that your eye regarding mine?
My eye looks back to seek a sign.
All that's in this coalescing
Circling group has got me guessing.
The fence of my old school perspective
May block my view of non-objective.

Thanks to the Mag


Berowne said...

Nice rhyming; well thought-out, well expressed.

Brian Miller said...

smiles...nice rhythm in your words...and as you can tell by the responses each of our eyes are different in what we see...

Suz said...

such cadence
you really have a talent here...
and I thank you for your kind comment about mine...truly,I appreciate it

I love the words in your blog header by the way

booguloo said...

A nice interpretation of a tightly wrapped box. Tight write.

Helen said...

I LOVE this ...

Anonymous said...

Like the others, I love the cadence of this one, as well as the quizzical observation of the work. Nicely done.

Lyn said...

You made the mystery of this painting a lot of fun..a well told tale!

Isabel Doyle said...

I enjoyed your poetry craft-work, to say nothing of your insights to modern art!

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